Contemporary Family Portraits

First, I’m glad you’re here. Second, I applaud you for putting “family portraits” on your list!

I’m pretty sure someone in the family was not excited about this idea. Lol! That’s ok. I have kids, three boys actually, and I know exactly what you’re up against. And we both know it’s worth it, because we will get a great family portrait for you, and this time, you will even be in it!

Family sessions are designed to keep personalities mixing in the best way. Light-hearted and silly are welcomed, family jokes make the most natural smiles, and everyone is honored for who they are. My goal is to capture your family and all the tiny ways you show your connections. Real, and full of the smiles, the laughter and the quiet moments that say “we are family.” The best compliment I get at the end of a family session is when the least excited family member says, “that wasn’t so bad” or even better, “that was actually fun!”

On Portrait Day

Your job: make sure everyone arrives relaxed, groomed and wearing approved clothes.

My job: everything else!

Really, just bring your true selves and be ready to have fun together…I’ll pay attention to all the details, and together we’ll create beautiful images.

Call today and let’s get started.