Better Photos of Your Kids

You Can Get Better Photos of Your Kids

If you have KIDS…

Plus a CAMERA, or a phone with a camera…

And lots of TIME together…

You can learn how to create

Better Photos of your Kids during Quarantine!

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Enjoying a good rainstorm is all about the right umbrella. Thanks to Katie P. for sharing these images with our group!

I’ve been photographing beloved families in our community for years, and while photographing clients is now on hold due to the quarantine, all of your beautiful family moments are not postponed! Kids continue to grow and learn new skills. They are watching movies, reading, playing, pretending, sleeping, eating, running, jumping, laughing and growing right out of their clothes. They are spending time with siblings, pets, parents, and maybe even grandparents or other relatives. Together, you are all creating memories, and the pictures you take now will be cherished when your kids tell the story of 2020 to their grandkids someday. I’d love to use this time to share what I know and help you learn to create better photos.

Private FB Group for Sharing

Let’s build a community to grow and learn through a private Facebook Group: “Better Photos in 2020”, which is attached to my Chris Marcinek Photography Facebook page. Each week I will provide a prompt to get you started and a brief explanation to help you work on one aspect of photography. You practice as much as you want or have time for (or that your kids will allow!), then post your images to our private group. All group members can comment on your photos to tell you what they like or what you could change. To improve, you have to know what’s working and what you could adjust to get better results, right? So be ready to hear gentle constructive criticism about your images. Find more on that in the group. Bonus for you, from all the photos shared, you’ll get ideas of how other parents are keeping their kids happy in isolation.

They grow and change every day and this moment will be a reminder and a treasure someday. They will not believe how little they were in 2020! Credit: Katie P.

Safe Storage and Memory Books

In addition to learning to create better photos of your kids, I’ll also share my favorite storage options for your photos to keep them organized and easy to access. So when the kids return to school (and they will), I will guide you on how to take your beautiful, organized photos and create a finished memory book. Then with all the moments you’ve captured for future generations stored safely, you can put your book on a shelf, put the Quarantine behind us, and return to non-quarantine life! Ahhhh. Someday soon I hope.

The gloves on the laptop, and attending Kindergarten virtually, both are reminders of the changes Covid-19 brought to our world. Photo credit: Katie P.

My Story

When I first started as a Mom With A Camera (MWAC), I found there was so much to remember to create great photos of my boys. I’d see that perfectly cute moment and snap away with my camera, but I couldn’t really capture the moment with a great image. Over many years, lots of trial and error, and thousands of clicks photographing three growing boys, I learned all about how to capture those moments! I discovered that besides getting the camera settings right, I needed to understand lighting, backgrounds and angles, just to name a few. I’d be happy to shorten that learning curve for you. As a Mom, and a photographer, I have an incredibly soft spot in my heart for every MWAC. Our photos are so important because they tell the story of our kids growing up.

During this unforgettable time in world history, I would really like to help you capture your story by teaching you how to create better photos. 

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